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Used and New Lawn Mowers

At Used Lawn Mowers UK we have selected the best deals on new and used lawn mowers from the best makes including Flymo, Qualcast, Black and Decker and Honda. We have all types of lawn mowers listed, including hover mowers, petrol and electric mowers and push mowers. Find a bargain lawn mower by browsing used lawn mowers.We also have information and articles to help you choose your lawn mower and how to use it safely. Check out which lawn mower to buy to buy and using a lawn mower safely
Read Articles from Used Lawn Mowers UK:

Considerations Before Buying a Lawn Mower
Before buying your new lawn mower take some time to consider which type of mower is right for you and your lawn. Here are some considerations to take into account:

How large is your lawn ?

For a small lawn a push cylinder mower will be perfectly adequate and will give you a good finish and a smart lawn. For a medium to large lawn you may want to consider an electric or petrol driven mower. If your lawn is very extensive then a ride-on mower would be more practical and easier on you.

How flat is the lawn ? Are there steep banks to be negotiated ?

If the lawn has steep inclines a push mower may not be practical, and a ride-on mower may not be safe as it could overturn.

Are you very concerned with a smart finish, perhaps with parallel stripes or do you just want to keep the grass short enough to be tidy? Read More about Considerations Before Buying a Lawn Mower

Using a Lawn Mower Safely
Lawn mowers can be dangerous to use if you don't take care of the safety aspects. Spinning blades, electricity cables in the garden and heavy equipment can all cause serious injuries like broken bones, severed fingers and toes, bruising from flying stones, electrocution and even death.

Safety starts even before you buy the mower. When choosing which mower to buy consider carefully the safety features. Does it have protected blades rather than exposed blades that you could easily catch a finger on ? Does it have a cut off feature such that the blades only rotate while a control is held on? Does it have a residual current device (RCD) that will immediately cut off the power if you should accidentally cut through the cable? How stable is it - is it easy to tip it over?

If buying a used mower check how well maintained it is. For electric models make sure the cable is not worn and the plugs and connections are all in good condition - if you're not happy with them then make sure to replace then before you use the mower. Read More about Using a Lawn Mower Safely

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